About Us

5 employees, with over 100 years of combined professional and industry experience

42 customers from the public and private business sector

136 successfully completed individual projects

Professional support for your company

With us, you have found a reliable and versatile partner in all areas of infrastructural facility management, who will actively support you in the planning, conceptual design, procurement and execution of your facility cleaning, your security service or other building-related services.
We at SCHUHEN Consulting define clear goals with you, which we tackle consistently and with commitment. We know the value of good consulting and offer it at fair conditions. Professionally and nevertheless in partnership we will help you to success.

Our corporate culture

We do not live in a capitalist vacuum where only profit counts. That is why we are committed to positive values.

First and foremost is partnership. We cultivate this both in our team and in our dealings with our customers. Despite our extensive knowledge, we learn something new every day because we are open to new ideas. Thus, we are not afraid to say that we can also learn from the companies we advise.

Independence is equally important to us. Because we are not subordinate to any organization or even a state authority, we can provide our consulting services in a high-quality manner on the one hand and completely freely in the interests of our customers on the other.

We are also no strangers to sustainability. We feel responsible for future generations and therefore act with foresight. We categorically reject short-term success at the expense of the environment or health. We face up to the social responsibility that we assume through our activities.