Creation and Development of Security Concepts

The creation as well as the implementation of our security concepts is based on holistic solutions to ensure a high level of security as well as minimization of dangers and threats through defined organizational, technical and personnel measures.

Creation of Security Concepts

Sustainable and effective protection of real estate, buildings, and personal and company property must always be considered individually and separately for each project. Off-the-shelf or copy-paste solutions are not possible. A comprehensive security analysis and consultation is the basis for customized security with a system!
Due to our experience and qualifications, we know exactly which security concepts are target-oriented and promising.

Object Protection through personnel Measures

This is the classic security service provider. We analyze the actual situation and determine the required security services.
We are happy to support you as a reliable partner in the preparation of such a security concept and advise you in the definition of the security strategy.

Organizational Measures

The organizational measures include the creation and implementation of the security strategy and the security organization.
The first step involves defining responsibilities and competencies and identifying the assets, functions and persons at risk.


Object Security through technical Measures

We evaluate and advise on the correct and necessary selection of the right perimeter technology, such as video surveillance, access control systems, intrusion detection systems and other technologies belonging to physical building protection.
The basic rule is: the onion principle must be adhered to in the security concept for building use.