Organization of Cleaning Services

Anyone who wants us as a partner has already made an important decision in advance: He has recognized the complexity of the task when asking how a building cleaning can be made more efficient and economical.

Work organization and cleaning concepts

We will check the current service specifications, the work schedules and the calculations.
Subsequently, we will prepare a professionally flawless object organization including work plans and post-calculation for you, taking into account the current cleaning technologies.
Previous experience has shown that we were able to realize up to 20% personnel costs with a simultaneous increase in quality through a new work organization.

We would be happy to put together a service package tailored to your situation.

Optimization of in-house cleaning or economic efficiency analysis of external/ in-house cleaning

You would like to optimize or review your in-house cleaning with regard to quality, environmental compatibility, hygiene, technical organization, cost-effectiveness (compared to external cleaning), or with regard to occupational safety?
If so, we can offer you expert, comprehensive advice on all individual measures and aspects.

But perhaps you would like to start a step earlier and need an initial assessment of the probable costs as well as the possible benefits and any changes in quality? Even then, we will be happy to help you.

Sales support and sales consulting

You need support in realigning your sales activities or sales strategies. We are happy to help you here – we also support you in the one-off creation of offer concepts or in the proper and professional calculation of services.

Digitization in the skilled trades

With cleverly thought-out digitization strategies, we bring the skilled trades up to date. Especially in the procurement of suitable hardware, we are at your side as consultants.

Operational support

Operational support is our great strength. We take care of the object and process organization as well as personnel recruitment and employee retention. We are also happy to advise you on the implementation of new projects – just as we do on the optimization of existing operational processes.

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