Technical Concepts and Expert Opinions

Development of operating and operator concepts for your building managementnt

In order to be able to determine the required services, you need a versatile operating concept. For example, a budget can be set for building cleaning or security services, which will determine your financial framework from the very beginning. We will be happy to support you as a reliable partner in the preparation of such an operating concept and advise you on the exact scope of services and quality characteristics.

Damage survey

Within the cleaning of buildings, damages and deficiencies can occur in many different ways. In this case, we prepare expert opinions in order to explain how damages or service disruptions have occurred and what expenses are incurred in order to remedy them.

Custom software development

We offer you individualized software solutions and thus enhance your facility management. For this purpose, we offer you, for example, custom-fit systems for building cleaning or reporting in security services, which we program and specialize together according to your wishes.

Your professional and innovative advice

SCHUHEN Consulting is your reliable partner for consulting, tendering and supervision of your infrastructural facility services and accompanies you in your individual implementation. Therefore, come back to our versatile service now and upgrade your management with our comprehensive operation and management concepts. Simply contact us directly so that we can respond to you as quickly as possible and competently assist you with the implementation.